Hello everybody! So, since my last post, I have moved along quite a bit in my revamp progress. Thanks to  my amazing aunt, I was able to get tons of scrapbook paper for my photo backgrounds and I've listed 21 new items so far with the new background! *cheers*

Here are a couple of the photos:

(You can find and purchase the above items and all my new items here)

I've also made a couple changes to my site, the biggest ones being the layout and the header. :) Still  got a long way to go with the site, but I'm moving along.

I opened a Pinterest account for The Poly Shop a while back but totally forgot to mention it, so you can find it here. I would love it if you followed me as I'm pretty lonely right now. ;) (Or click the button at the bottom of the blog post to follow me.)

Well, I guess that's all I have to say for now. Just wanted to post a quick little blog post as it seemed time for another one.

Thanks for reading!


02/28/2013 6:28pm

Your work is amazing!!!

02/28/2013 9:01pm

Thank you very much, Barbra! :) Thank you for commenting!

04/02/2013 11:05am

I followed the link from your Zibbet store after reading your interview--left you a comment. I want to say I didn't get into jewelry making until my adulthood, it helps to have the support of family and friends so kudos to your aunt and mom.


05/02/2013 1:16pm

Hi Hannah! Thanks for checking my site out!!

It does help, and it's fantastic to have that support. :)

Thanks again for visiting! Come back soon. ;)

(PS: Sorry for just seeing your comments, Weebly hasn't been notifying me when I get new comments...)


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