It's nearly time to celebrate The Poly Shop's 1 Year Anniversary on May 8th! It's been a fantastic year and I have accomplished things this year I never would have thought I could!

For the first celebration this week, today and tomorrow (May 4th and 5th), you can receive a surprise item with your order!!
Order Mom something special and keep the extra item you receive for yourself. ;)

(This also applies to CUSTOM ORDERS. You can receive a surprise item with ANY ORDER! So if you want to order Mom a homemade apple pie necklace or a casserole charm, let me know and I can make you a custom item. :))

But hurry! You don't want to receive your order after Mother's Day is over! Order now and you should be able to receive it in time!

And PS: There will be more celebration deals this week...;) BUTnothing quite like this one! So hurry before the deal ends!

Bakery Roombox Furniture
Hello everyone!

So lately, I've been busy...and not with my shop. Thanksgiving is coming up, and it seems that I've had somewhere to go every day for the past month.

So, I've attempted working a little bit on my shop...and so I'm working on a new look for my pumpkin pie jewelry, up in the shop today (I hope) and I'm also planning something huge and important to my'll a tough decision but I'm hoping that it works out.

And so I must announce a sale...I'm having a 4 day Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale in my Zibbet shop this weekend! Get 40% off each item the entire weekend! This is a great chance to get some fantastic Christmas gifts at a great price. :) Make sure to visit us November 23rd-26th!

I also have something else that I'm working on...a bakery roombox!

I'm very excited to see it get finished, so I've been working on it little by little.

My progress so far? I've bought the cutest wallpaper (scrapbook paper) from Hobby Lobby, in the clearance section, for only 11 cents a PIECE. I bought 3 (I couldn't help myself--33 cents for wallpaper?!).

I have also "shabby chic-ified" some white furniture. I painted a little unfinished table white and sanded it down a bit. I also sanded down the white shelf, painted a little wooden cake stand I made white and sanded it down, and I'm in the process of painting two little unfinished wall shelves white. I'm gonna sand these down as well.

I'm very excited to put together the box--I think that I'm gonna put the wallpaper on the walls before I glue the walls and things together. It seems that that'll be the easiest way. :)

So, I've got lots of things built up in my mind that I'd like to do, but we'll just wait and see how fast they get done. ;)
Bakery Roombox Furniture: Close-up of Cake Stand
Bakery Roombox Furniture: Close-up of Table Leg
Bakery Roombox Furniture: Close-up of Shelf with Cake Stand
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