Hello everybody! So, since my last post, I have moved along quite a bit in my revamp progress. Thanks to  my amazing aunt, I was able to get tons of scrapbook paper for my photo backgrounds and I've listed 21 new items so far with the new background! *cheers*

Here are a couple of the photos:

(You can find and purchase the above items and all my new items here)

I've also made a couple changes to my site, the biggest ones being the layout and the header. :) Still  got a long way to go with the site, but I'm moving along.

I opened a Pinterest account for The Poly Shop a while back but totally forgot to mention it, so you can find it here. I would love it if you followed me as I'm pretty lonely right now. ;) (Or click the button at the bottom of the blog post to follow me.)

Well, I guess that's all I have to say for now. Just wanted to post a quick little blog post as it seemed time for another one.

Thanks for reading!

Gah! I really do have a problem with procrastination.

I haven't posted on this blog since NOVEMBER. Wow, I'm amazing aren't I. #sarcasm

Anywho, because I've basically been on a hiatus since then, I decided to begin a sort of revamp/clean up of my business. Today I got a lot done:

-First, I designed a couple of new banners, for Facebook and Zibbet. My old ones STILL had Black Friday notices on them. *facepalm* Yeah, that needed to be changed. In fact, it was BEGGING me to change it.
So, I went ahead and redesigned new banners. I even went on a search for a free-for-commercial-use font that worked well with my business and FOUND IT. It's called Pharmacy. <3 I've updated all my logos and things with the new font!

-Which brings me to my logo. YES I have a logo now. It'll probably be changed soon, but I am satisfied with it for now. :) It's the first time my business has had a real "logo" and not just colored text. Lol.

-You may have noticed that my color scheme has been changed up again. Those awfully bright colors that hurt your eyes have GONE. I have changed the bright aqua blue to a soft pastel blue. The red has also gotten quite a bit darker. I'm very happy with it. :)

-I spent like 2 hours today rewriting ALL my item descriptions. They were ALL over the place, all written in different ways and just BLAH. So I wrote out a sort of blank form and pasted it into ALL my listings, filling them in with the necessary info. I'm so glad I got that over with now. xP

-I unfortunately had to raise my shipping prices EVEN more. USPS raised THEIR prices, so of course I had to raise MINE. *sigh* sorry for such high prices, everyone. ($6!! Hope you guys understand....)

-I am also in the process of revamping my website. You'll probably have noticed that it looks different already. Yep, that's the revamp happening. Just experimenting with different themes and such.

*PHEW* (again). Got a lot done, sheesh.
Here's what I STILL have to do:

-Take ALL new photos of my items. These will be something along the lines of this photo:
Next time I go to Hobby Lobby, I'll pick up some more scrapbook paper in the clearance section since the only one I have is....well the one in that picture up there^^. >.> I will also be using my Bakery roombox furniture as a sort of background prop thing. The furniture is white so it works really well. :)

-I will of course finish revamping my site. I'm also hoping to incorporate where you can buy things DIRECTLY off my site instead of having to visit Zibbet. Hopefully that will get done......someday. xD

-I will attempt to make lots of new items and redesign some of my old ones, though this is way far down on my list right now so yeah. xD

-I really want to begin selling on Luulla. It's yet another venue and looks VERY promising. I am in love with the way shops look on that site. Listing fees are $0.10 per listing, which is half the price of Etsy, but the only thing holding me back is that you have to buy 100 listings ahead of time. Which is $10. That's the minimum amount you can buy. I was hoping you could pay per listing, but you have to buy 100. And it isn't a bad price AT ALL, but I just...wasn't expected to toss over $10 right away. xD Plus I only have like 20 listings....I do not need 100. D: Anyways moving on.

I think that's everything I'm planning to do in the future....for now. The next step for me are the pictures, and then I will probably open my shop on Luulla with the new pictures. Except I can't take the PICTURES until I have SCRAPBOOK paper, and I have to go to Hobby Lobby sometime. xD

Ok enough of boring you people. Thanks for reading if you got to the end. xD

If you have any cool suggestions for my shop and stuff while I'm revamping, go ahead and comment below PLEASE! :D I will love you. hehe.

ADIOS for now!