It's nearly time to celebrate The Poly Shop's 1 Year Anniversary on May 8th! It's been a fantastic year and I have accomplished things this year I never would have thought I could!

For the first celebration this week, today and tomorrow (May 4th and 5th), you can receive a surprise item with your order!!
Order Mom something special and keep the extra item you receive for yourself. ;)

(This also applies to CUSTOM ORDERS. You can receive a surprise item with ANY ORDER! So if you want to order Mom a homemade apple pie necklace or a casserole charm, let me know and I can make you a custom item. :))

But hurry! You don't want to receive your order after Mother's Day is over! Order now and you should be able to receive it in time!

And PS: There will be more celebration deals this week...;) BUTnothing quite like this one! So hurry before the deal ends!


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